3 Habits That Can Cause Eye Damage

3 Habits That Can Cause Eye Damage

Our sense of vision is perhaps one of the most useful and important senses in our body. It is important that we can see the things around us in order for us to move. Imagine the struggle of those visually impaired as they perform their daily tasks. However, we could not feel such struggle because our eyes are well and able. But what if our eyes get damaged?

We may be doing ordinary things without knowing that these can cause trouble on our vision. As one of the best sources of vitamins for your eyes, Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc., a Drug Store in East Harlem New York, New York, lists down three of the common habits we do that might be harmful to our eyes.

1.Excessive use of your gadgets
As what experts repeatedly say, constant exposure to radiation can damage our eyes. This is because our eyes can easily absorb electromagnetic waves, but it does not transmit it out of the body, and they can only tolerate so much. Once our eyes are constantly exposed to gadgets and phones, it could lead to early cataract or blurring of the vision.

While your eyes are still healthy and you can still see clearly, it is best to take good care of them now. Find out the best supplements to protect your eyes in our pharmacy or talk to your eye doctor about it today.

2. Wearing unsanitized contact lenses

We all want to look pretty. Perhaps, we are aiming for that almond brown eyes or the blue eyes even just for a day. Thus, contact lenses are the perfect alternatives for this. We may not achieve a natural eye color, but at least we can try one on a daily basis. But then, these contact lenses can also be harmful to your eyes.

If we keep on using contact lens, it could scratch some parts of the eyes. Moreover, if we do not clean our lenses or use them more than its recommended number of usage, it can cause infection in our eyes. Hence, it would be best if you always remove your contacts before you go to sleep and clean them the next day.

3. Not going to your annual eye checkup

It is important that we always keep our eyes in check. If we have an annual assessment of the condition of our eyes, it would save us from a lot of trouble. It can spot early signs of eye problems and they can treat it early as well. In this manner, we can prevent experiencing any headaches or eye irritation that are signs of a greater infection.

If there is one good thing that we can do to our eyes, it would be going to that annual checkup in your nearby clinic or hospital just to keep things in check.

Our eyes are just as important as the other parts of our body. It is what helps us get things done. It is what helps us appreciate the world around us. Make sure that you take good care of them. You can get your eye drops and other eye supplements with us at Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. a Drug Store in East Harlem New York, New York. You can check our website at or call us at 212-534-7700.

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