3 Questions You Should Ask Your Pharmacist

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Pharmacist

Taking medicines has become part of our daily lifestyle. We take vitamins to keep our body healthy. When we are sick, we take medicines to keep the virus from spreading. When we are old, our doctors would prescribe medicines for us that pharmacists would help translate. Indeed, supplements and medication is really a part of our lives now.

But despite this fact, we must not settle to buying all these vitamins and medicines alone. We must also make smart queries about it too. The next time you visit your pharmacy, you may want to ask these questions to the pharmacists:

Is there a generic alternative to the medicine?

Usually, it is the doctor who will prescribe the medicine to you. He would just inform you about what this medicine is for and how frequently you should take it. When you hand over the prescription to the pharmacists, that is the only time you will know the brand name of the medicine and its price

Branded medicines are normally expensive. It would not hurt if you would ask for a generic alternative to that medicine. Generic drugs may contain the same active ingredients of the branded medicines, but they may have other ingredients that differ too. If your branded medicine is not available, you may use the generic drug.

What are the possible side effects of the drug?

Sometimes, we are not fully informed about the side effects of the drugs that we take. We are just given a brief overview of the medicine that we are about to take, and after that, we just have to pay close attention to the effects of the drugs on us. It is important to know this because it may cause unwarranted results.

But now, our pharmacists in Maxwell Pharmacy Inc., your one stop shop drugstore in East Harlem New York, New York, will take our time to explain your prescription drugs to you. You can talk to us over the phone or visit our drugstore personally if you have any questions or if you want to know more about the medicines that you are taking.

How long should I take the same drug?
When your doctor gives you your prescription, it would take a few days for you to complete the medication. They do not really tell you what to do next. The pharmacists will only reinforce the instructions given by your doctor as per the prescription. They will not give you anything else. Once you finish your medication, you will be advised to visit your doctor again.

Be a smart patient and consumer. It would help if you will ask about the drugs you are taking and do a little research on it. In that manner, you will know how to regulate it properly and you can adjust your lifestyles to it.

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