4 Things You Have to Know About Generic Drugs

4 Things You Have to Know About Generic Drugs

We have always been made to believe that branded drugs are better than generic ones. Where this comes from is not known to us but there are people who are quite adamant when it comes to their belief on the subject matter. Here we are going to tackle the 4 facts that you have to know about generic drugs so that we can clear out, once and for all, this common misconception.

  1. Generic drug is equal, in every respect, to its branded version – from strength to quality, generic drugs are basically the same with the branded ones.
  1. Generic drugs are just as effective as the branded products – following what we said in number 1, it tells us that buying generic drugs would give us the same effects.
  1. Generic drugs would save you a great deal of money for the same effect – because they are much cheaper than their branded counterparts, buying these drugs would certainly save the consumers a lot.
  1. They are just as safe – generic drugs are also approved by the FDA and they have to reach a certain quality before they can pass the screening. It is only sent out to the market once the FDA has found out that it is safe for public consumption.

The reason why branded drugs are a lot more expensive is because manufacturers of generic drugs don’t have to go through the process of duplicating the trials that would test the drugs for their safety and effectiveness. This means that these manufacturers are able to cut down cost. Hence, we get cheaper medicine. It is not because generic drugs have lower quality.

You can now buy generic drugs without having to believe that you are getting the lesser version in quality and effectiveness. Maxwell Pharmacy can give you all the fresh generic drugs you need and more. Being the best drug store in East Harlem New York, New York, we also offer other services such as special packaging, consultations with our best pharmacists, and so many others. If you have any questions regarding our services and medical supplies, visit us at You can also contact us through 212-534-7700. We are looking forward to having you.

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