4 Things You Should Know When Refilling Your Medicines


In our pharmacy in East Harlem New York, we welcome your refill orders and requests. We understand how refilling your medications can be very vital for your health goals. We do our best to make this process quick and convenient for you. We encourage you to talk with our pharmacists when you request for refills so we can better assist you in getting your needed medications.

In addition, we would like to share these key reminders when you come up for refill requests.

  • Review your health information.

By requesting your refill, this means that it’s already at least your second time in our retail pharmacy in East Harlem New York. Even so, we encourage you to ask our pharmacists for a quick review of your health information. Ensure that this is the same information from your doctor. Take note of your past reactions to the medicine and see if there was any progress or not. If you’ve been having other reactions to the medicine, make sure to bring these up as well so the pharmacist can put it on record and make alternative recommendations when necessary.

  • Ask for child-safe containers.

When you have little ones at home, you will know how very curious they can be, especially with things that you’re mostly using. When they see you taking medicines, they might mistake these as playthings or candies, especially if they can’t still distinguish the difference. Some medicines for adults are not good when taken by children, especially when they’re in healthy condition. But when these drugs are in a safe container, you can stop worrying about having your children touch them unintentionally.

  • Store the medicines properly

Your pharmacist will surely have advice as to how you should store your medication refill. It could be that you know it already but it helps to always ask for support. When you request a refill in our drug store in East Harlem New York, also ask about how you can store your medicine especially if you’re traveling or if you’ve relocated. This can help you preserve the potency of your pills.

  • Get the right device for liquid medicine

This can often be a habit that liquid medicines should just be served with the usual tablespoons or teaspoons. However, this should not be considered as safe practice as not all spoons have the same size. You’re putting your loved one at risk for over-dosage or under-dosage. For safety and to ensure they’re taking the medicine correctly, get a cup with measuring guide or else a syringe. This can also help you adhere to the medication as the doctor prescribed.

Keep in mind that your pharmacist is your partner in attaining the health goals both for you and your family member. Make it a habit to conduct friendly conversations with the pharmacists at Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. You will have an easier errand next time when you know someone you can quickly approach.

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