4 Tips to Save Money on Prescription Medication

4 Tips to Save Money on Prescription Medication

Being a victim of a disease or an injury doesn’t only warrant pain, discomfort, and a disruption to your daily routine and activities, but it also entails a lot of spending when it comes to getting the right medical attention, treatment, and of course, medication. Some people may even fail to take their medication as prescribed because of the high cost that comes with acquiring the right medicines. According to a National Center for Health Statistics survey, about 8% of adults in the United States do not take prescribed medications because they cannot afford them.

Medication, however, can only work if they are properly taken—with the right dosage as indicated, and at the right time. If cost is greatly affecting your medication regimen, then here are a few tips to help you save money and still be able to take the medicine you need to get better:

  1. Seek Advice for a Generic Alternative
    Generic drugs have the same active ingredients as the brand-name ones usually prescribed by physicians, at substantially lower prices. They are government-regulated and FDA-approved, so you can rest easy knowing that they are safe to take. Ask your physician or pharmacist if a generic version of the drug is available, or if a similar drug has a generic alternative. Our pharmacy in East Harlem New York will work with your physician to prescribe and offer you a generic plan.
  2. Purchase in Bulk
    If you are prescribed with medication that has to be taken for quite some time in accordance with a treatment plan, or if you need to maintain a particular drug long term as prescribed, then it is better to acquire a large amount instead of buying only a few pieces good for a few weeks. You may even be able to get prescription discounts when you buy in bulk from your pharmacy.
  3. Get Pills with a Bigger Dose
    Some prescription medications can be divided by a pill-splitter. This way, a regular, double-dosage can be divided into two doses, and may save you money, instead of opting for two pills of the smaller dose. Ask your physician if the medication prescribed has a higher dosage version available, so you can just split the pill and take the parts at different times.
  4. Know Your Options
    Knowing your options and asking around can help you acquire lower-priced or cheap medication that can greatly help you in your regimen. When prescribed with a drug, do not rush immediately to purchase it. You can ask one of the pharmacists in our retail pharmacy in East Harlem New York to know more about the prescribed medication, and see about getting a lower-priced option.

Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. is a drug store in East Harlem New York that provides fast and reliable service to help you acquire the medication or medical supplies you need. We offer quality products, exceptional customer service, with a number of free services for your convenience—ensuring an overall efficient and pleasant pharmacy experience.

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