8 Medication Non-Adherence Reasons You Should NOT Believe Again


How important is taking your medications? The simple and straight answer is this: it means all your life. Medication adherence can help speed up recovery, prevent relapse, help save costs on hospital admission and a host of other advantages. We don’t only say this because we’re a pharmacy in East Harlem New York. But we say this because we care about the overall welfare of our clients. After all, that’s what medications are for, right?

Now, people have varied reasons for not taking their medicines, and these are the most common:

  1. They fear the side effects

    Medicines do have side effects, but that should not be feared about. With a proper understanding of the medication and following its dosage instructions, you can stay away from these side effects.

  2. Refills can be costly

    Some medicines have to be refilled, especially if they’re needed to be taken for a long period of time. Patients fear that getting refills can only add to more costs. Just think of it this way. Which is more expensive: taking your medicines as advised or getting hospitalized because your condition worsened due to medication non-adherence.

  3. Patients don’t fully understand the purpose of their prescription

    When you’re going to buy your prescription, feel free to talk with a pharmacist from a drug store in East Harlem New York so your concerns can be addressed. These pharmacists can enlighten you on how vital is that prescription for your specific ailment.

  4. Taking more than one medicine in a day can be confusing

    You’re not alone in that feeling, and yet again, it shouldn’t keep you from adhering to your prescription. You can always seek help from someone or download some mobile apps to help you remember your different medications.

  5. There’s a lack of symptom

    When your symptoms are not showing, it doesn’t mean you’re already well. Sometimes, illnesses can just catch you unaware. Stroke is an example. So even if you’re not feeling the symptoms, take your medications that help regulate your blood pressure.

  6. They fear to be dependent on their medications

    Unless it’s an addictive medication, you can’t really become dependent on your medicine. Re-orient your mindset that your prescription is vital for your health, especially for your long-term maintenance.

  7. They become depressed

    Some medicines can bring this side effect. Make sure to talk with your doctor about these instances so they can prescribe another alternative. But this should not be an excuse for non-adherence.

  8. They don’t trust their doctor’s motives

    No doctor will want harm for their patients. You can trust that obeying your doctor’s medication instructions will always be for your best interests.

When you look for your medicines in our retail pharmacy in East Harlem New York, we will be there to assist you. We even have other services that can assist you in adhering to your prescription. Feel free to converse with our friendly pharmacists at Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. so you can have your inquiries settled.

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