In the depths of winter, attempts to keep up a healthy diet are often doomed. While in the summer seasonal fruits and vegetables are abundant and tempting, plummeting temperatures and dark days call for warming and comforting dishes; and it becomes all too easy to give in to sweet stodge or tantalizing takeaways. Celebrations such as Chanukah, Christmas and New Year’s – in which over-indulgence can feel almost compulsory – don’t make matters easier either! As a result, without some forward planning, our natural need for more energy-dense foods can mean resorting to appealing but less than healthy options. Yet if ever there were a time that we needed to boost our immune system with good nutrition, this would be it, especially for the elderly and infirm. So what nutrients are particularly important in winter and how can we make sure we get enough? Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc., a drug store in East Harlem New York, New York will help you keep in shape during winter season!

Many may wish they could snooze the dark and chilly months away, but the fact remains that winter is often a busy and stressful season when we need a steady supply of ‘oomph’ to cope with overloaded work schedules and to-do lists. And for those who are socially isolated during winter, the stress of loneliness can also take its toll.

Aside from the gloom of the cold and dark, stress can cause us to crave sugary foods or caffeine for extra energy; but whole these may give an immediate boost by triggering a sharp rise in blood sugar, insulin and cortisol levels, this is quickly followed by a slump or crash in both energy and mood. This up-and-down cycle, often called ‘the blood sugar roller-coaster’ is difficult for our bodies to handle in the long term and can end up making us feel more tired and confused.

To maintain steady energy levels, our diets need to include plenty of complex carbohydrates. Happily, many winter foods fit the bill; for instance, pumpkins and other squashes, parsnips, Jerusalem artichokes and sweet potatoes can be made into nourishing and sustaining soups, stews or casseroles that help to keep blood sugar balanced. Protein and fat with each meal will also keep you feeling satisfied longer and help to prevent between-meal cravings. Snacking on fruit, nuts and seeds can top up your energy stores and add to your stocks of essential vitamins and minerals.

To convert digested foods into energy, some specific nutrients are essential. Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc., a drug store in East Harlem New York, New York, shares that the chief among these is the B-complex group of vitamins, with vitamin C and zinc also contributing to this function.

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