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4 Helpful Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

You should never compromise when it comes to health and well-being, because a healthy body and mind will allow you to do the things you love and pursue your interests. When you take measures in taking care of your body … Continue reading

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4 Tips to Save Money on Prescription Medication

Being a victim of a disease or an injury doesn’t only warrant pain, discomfort, and a disruption to your daily routine and activities, but it also entails a lot of spending when it comes to getting the right medical attention, … Continue reading

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Constipation: Ways How Not to Get It

A regular bowel movement can help us all feel healthy and light. Most of all, it is a sign of a healthy functioning digestive system since “waste disposal” is mostly consistent. For times when constipation hits, our pharmacists at our … Continue reading

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Easy Remedies to Help You Avoid Headaches

Headaches can strike every now and then, and they usually have different common causes primarily with clogged sinuses, stress or even low glucose levels in your body which is needed in order for your brain to have better focus. Headaches … Continue reading

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4 Things You Should Know When Refilling Your Medicines

In our pharmacy in East Harlem New York, we welcome your refill orders and requests. We understand how refilling your medications can be very vital for your health goals. We do our best to make this process quick and convenient … Continue reading

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8 Medication Non-Adherence Reasons You Should NOT Believe Again

How important is taking your medications? The simple and straight answer is this: it means all your life. Medication adherence can help speed up recovery, prevent relapse, help save costs on hospital admission and a host of other advantages. We … Continue reading

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