Constipation: Ways How Not to Get It

Constipation: Ways How Not to Get It

A regular bowel movement can help us all feel healthy and light. Most of all, it is a sign of a healthy functioning digestive system since “waste disposal” is mostly consistent. For times when constipation hits, our pharmacists at our drug store in East Harlem New York can guide you on which over-the-counter medicines to take to give relief to any symptoms of constipation.

Constipation is generally considered when an individual makes less than 3 bowel movements a week. This condition may or may not have symptoms related to stomach bloating and difficulty in urinating due to the hardened stools. Constipation related discomforts could get in the way of daily activities for individuals who often experience this condition. At home, try these tips to avoid getting constipated.

  • Try Drinking Coffee
    Some individuals report that drinking caffeinated coffee can give them an upset stomach. This is because caffeine in coffee stimulates stomach muscles promoting bowel movement, and the presence of minute soluble fibers in coffee also does great in aiding elimination. Soluble fibers absorb water then turn into a gel-like consistency, which travels through your intestines, helping your waste bulk up to a better consistency.
  • Increase Water Consumption
    By drinking enough water, you are staying hydrated and preventing any symptoms of constipation, giving your body enough fluids to work within softening your stool. Basically, our colons are responsible for turning broken down food wastes into solids coming from the small intestines. Constipation happens when our colons absorb too much water from the solid by-products it has prepared for bowel movement or when our colons are just not in tip-top muscle-contracting shape. Drinking enough water can compensate for the colon’s water absorption by balancing the drawn-out fluids and fluid supply in the body.
  • Have Physical Activities
    Our bodies were built to move and can perform better when it is exposed to repetitive actions, all thanks to muscle memory. Getting enough physical activity and movement for your body can help fight symptoms of constipation because you get to sweat a lot then your body will require some rehydration, triggering more fluid intake, thereby increasing your water or fluid consumption, helping your digestive system. Walking alone can strengthen your body and promote better blood circulation for the distribution of nutrients in your body.

Laxatives are also available in our pharmacy in East Harlem New York to help relieve the symptoms of constipation, but we highly recommend that you also see your doctor for your needed laxative dosage and to know if there are any other underlying health concerns.

Visit Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. here in New York, for your required supplements and medication. If you have any medication inquiries, please feel free to send us a message here on our website.

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