Easy Remedies to Help You Avoid Headaches

Easy Remedies to Help You Avoid Headaches

Headaches can strike every now and then, and they usually have different common causes primarily with clogged sinuses, stress or even low glucose levels in your body which is needed in order for your brain to have better focus. Headaches can even occur on days that require so much from us to accomplish all the things we need to do, and pretty sure, we have all put some thought on being super-humans to get things done all at once.

Here are remedies to help you avoid commonly caused headaches.

  • Drink Lots of Water
    Staying hydrated keeps our organs functioning well and gives our brains better focus when it easily receives nutrients like glucose. Dehydration headaches can be easily prevented when you monitor your water or have a healthy fluid intake throughout the day instead of just drinking 2 glasses of water per meal.
  • Avoid Too Much Caffeine
    Caffeine headaches are usually from a consecutive consumption of caffeinated food and beverages then abruptly stopping the next day. This can cause withdrawal symptoms from too much caffeine intake. Over-the-counter analgesics or pain relievers can help or taking small quantities of caffeinated food and beverages just to aid your body’s craving for caffeine. As much as possible, avoid loading up on too much caffeine.
  • Take Over Your Reactions
    Tension headaches are commonly due to stress and anxiety. By understanding yourself and how you react to stressors as simple as a vending machine not dispensing the product you direly wanted, can already trigger a certain level of stress in you. Learn to breathe and take a step back from things that will not contribute any positivity to your day. Taking over your reactions will dramatically lower your stress levels.
  • Get Enough Sleep
    If it has not been said enough, we will say it again: sleeping is very important. Because this is the time when your body gets to relax and slow down its operations and recharge for the night and get ready for the next day. Sleeping is also for detoxification and cell repair, a wondrous cycle your body needs in order to keep up with your daily activities. If your cellphone needs to be charged to work faster, your body does, too.
  • Check Your Sinuses
    If it helps alleviate the stuffy or clogged nose feeling, try using over-the-counter menthol inhalers or nasal sprays which you can get at our drug store in East Harlem New York for the immediate relief of clogged sinuses. Nasal decongestants are also safe to take to minimize nasal pressure and mucus congestion. If you get the time and chance, nasal steam inhalers can help soften hardened mucus for fast nasal relief from congestion.

Practicing good and healthy habits are sure ways to avert commonly caused headaches. For fast-acting relief, there is always medication available at our pharmacy in East Harlem New York.

Make it a healthy habit to restock your medication and pharmaceutical needs with Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. See you soon!

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