How to Safely Use Opioids as Pain Relievers [Extended]

How to Safely Use Opioids as Pain Relievers [Extended]

There is actually more abusers of opioids in American than marijuana. That is true! The abuse of prescription drugs is currently increasing and it shows no sign of declining at the moment! Why? Most people believe that taking prescription drugs is much “safer” than using illegal street drugs. However, this is FALSE when abused.

They are putting themselves in higher risks given that these prescription drugs offer highly potent and mind-altering drugs especially when in long-term use. For instance, the painkiller Fentanyl is found to be 30-50 times more powerful than heroin.

Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc., a long-trusted drug store in East Harlem New York, New York, decides on giving this topic a longer light given the pressing need for people to know about the opioid epidemic in the country. Here are some specific guidelines to safely use opioid drugs:

1. Sleep apnea? Talk to your doctor about it
Opioid drugs can make sleep apnea worse which can be potentially fatal. If you snore loudly, you should be checked for this condition. How do you think sleep apnea and opioids meet?

Opioid analgesics are used to treat pain, anxiety, and sleeping difficulties. However, when people with sleep apnea take opioids, this can cause sedation, respiratory depression; thus, increasing the frequency and duration of apneas.

2. Read the label and take the drug exactly as directed
This is a common problem and will always be a problem if people become rebellious or anxious when taking these drugs. If you think your doses are not working for you, consult your doctor or your pharmacist from your reliable drug store in East Harlem New York, New Yorkfirst. Overdosing yourself will not solve any problem!

3. Don’t drive or do anything that needs you to be fully alert
Opioids can come with warnings of drowsiness, sedation, and danger in operating heavy machinery. The effects of driving under the influence of a medication are similar to that of driving under the influence of alcohol.

4. Lock your opioids away from children and friends
It is often understood that you can never predict who might be looking for the drugs or your medication. It could be anyone—your teen’s friends, workers, children, etc. Do not just hide them in your sock drawer.

5. Monitor your dose
If you are using opioids for chronic pain or if you develop a cold, bronchitis, an asthma flare-up, or any other respiratory problem, talk to your doctor or pharmacist of your trusted drug store in East Harlem New York, New York to monitor or lower your usage.

Know more on how you can safely use opioids and other medications; call Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. today!

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