Is Telehealth the Next Frontier in the World Of Pharmacy?

Is Telehealth the Next Frontier in the World Of Pharmacy

There is a growing problem in the pharmacy world—and that is the rising number of prescriptions that pharmacists have to attend to. In fact, in the United States alone, there were a total of 4 billion prescriptions which have to be filled by the pharmacists in 2014. This is a staggering volume considering the number of pharmacists to entertain it. This doesn’t even include the statistics coming from the different parts of the world. That is why, with this number, pharmacists will have to settle with the efficiency in addressing the high volume of prescriptions and put personal care at the back seat of service delivery.

It is in this regard that pharmacists now have troubles snaking through the bureaucratic process and other procedures just to provide an intimate level of care to their clients. With this reality, a new and innovative aspect in the field of pharmacy has emerged which could potentially be the saving grace of most pharmacists. This innovative practice is Telehealth. Here are some Telehealth facts from Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. you must know about:

  • How Advantageous is Telehealth?
    Telehealth allows pharmacy services to be spread to the far-flung areas because it makes use of the powers of telecommunication. The pharmacy world could ride in the tide, wherein the business and essence of a pharmacy is not anymore just confined within four walls. Through telehealth, our services can reach out to the clients and ensure that relationships are established and the clients are fully guided in the medications that they are taking. Another best thing about telehealth in pharmacy is that it can create a specific sector which can address the needs of a niche market who’d like to avail of specialized pharmacy services.
  • Customer or Pharmacist-initiated Consultations
    Now more than ever, the innovations of telehealth allow the clients to do online video calls and be in contact with the pharmacists. Through the live videos, customers can experience pharmacy services while just staying at home sipping a cup of coffee. That is why, even when you’re about to hit the haystack, if you have questions regarding the medicines that you’ve purchased, the Drug Store in East Harlem New York, New York becomes just one call away.

On the other hand, pharmacists now have the capacity to connect with the customers and remind them about unclaimed refills, what refills are due, and basically anything about the medicines needed by the patient. This will result to an enhanced medicine adherence which is truly beneficial for the patient at the end of the day.

This new frontier in pharmacy allows pharmacists and clients to build deeper connections. It makes the customers become engaged with the different pharmacy services. Through this, pharmacists are able to regain their old customers and widen the reach of their services. Pharmacists now are not anymore trapped to the effects of commercialization because the use of telehealth presents a host of benefits to them and their clients.

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