Misconceptions About Generic Drugs, Debunked

Misconceptions About Generic Drugs, Debunked

Generic drugs are cheaper than brand-name drugs- this is already a fact. Despite this difference in price, people are still hesitant in choosing generic over pricey drugs because of some misconceptions.

The following are the biggest misconceptions about generic drugs which must not hinder us from choosing them over brand name ones.

  • Generic drugs have entirely different formulations than brand name ones.

    Contrary to what most people believe, generic drugs and branded ones have similar formulations. If ever there would be some variations, these would only be minimal. Generics are manufactured to mimic their brand name equivalents. Hence, the chemical formulations would also be exactly the same for both. Since generics are mass-produced, this may lead to these minor variations which would not have any adverse effect on how the drugs would affect our body.

  • Generic drugs are not as effective as brand-name drugs.

    Generic medicines have similar dosage, safety, quality, stability, and effectiveness than the branded medicines. People who are unfamiliar with the benefits of generic medicines should know that its manufacturers and that of brand-name drugs use identical active ingredients. Thus, it is not surprising why both types of medicines have the same effects.

  • Generic drugs cost less because of their low quality.

    Generally, generic medicines are only sold when the exclusive patents of companies which invent and manufacture drugs have already expired. Since manufacturers of generics do not make the medicines from scratch and they do not need to conduct exhaustive research, the overhead costs are not high. This explains why generic medicines from drug stores in East New York, New York cost less than brand-name medicines.

  • Generic drugs do not meet the standards of FDA.

    Every medicine sold by pharmacies like Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. is required to meet the high standards prescribed by the government to get FDA approval. Each manufacturer which wishes to distribute their generics must demonstrate to the FDA that their product has similar clinical benefits to patients. Otherwise, the distribution and sale would be illegal and it would be banned by the government.

  • Generic brands are not safe to use.

    As already mentioned, brand-name drugs contain similar active ingredients as that of generic drugs. They also have the same chemical formulations and the major difference between the two is only on their price. Hence, the two share the same risks and benefits.

There is no harm in trying generic medicines. In fact, we can even save a lot when we choose them over brand-name drugs. Don’t be hindered by these misconceptions, be well-informed.

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