We take medicine in order to repair our injured tissues or organs in the body. Nevertheless, there are times that we take medication for granted. Yet it is still important to think again the consequences of improper medication.

It may not treat your disease right away. There is a reason why medicine is prescribed by doctors, that is it specifically treats your disease. When you are already prone to various diseases for a year, notice how your medication changes, from the amount of dosage to the duration of time it should be taken. It basically varies in accordance with your medical circumstances. Hence if you continue to forget your medication, it might impede your full recovery hence you are not getting the best treatment the medicine should have offered. Also, skipping of medicine might create irreversible effects to other healthy tissues and organs in your body.

Medication is back to square one. While prescription is the first step, another is the administration of medicine. And while you may be busy at work, forgetting the medicine intake might be risky and you just have to repeat with the treatment again.

More financial expenses. Aside from staying true to your medication, you still have to visit your doctor to give update on your medication and your wellness; hence you have to allot money for fees. New financial expenses will be incurred, hence to avoid experiencing further expenses it is better to take your medicine properly.

Hence it is always better to keep yourself reminded of your medication. Organize your medicine; place your medication schedule inside your bag, or even in your smart phone. You have family and friends to help you remind of your medication, just inform them beforehand. It pays to be serious and faithful to your health, otherwise unintended effects might occur. You just do not want to undergo for another treatment, do you?

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