Prying Through the Benefits of Generic Drugs

Prying Through the Benefits of Generic Drugs

There’s always the negative notion associated with generic drugs as being inferior and substandard than the branded counterparts. It is a bias that has been instilled into the collective consciousness of many, which results to the poor utilization of generic drug planning in most countries. The said bias about generic drugs has now been challenged, and there are a growing number of people who are rattling the status quo in the pharmacy world wherein most patients would just resign to the fact that generic drugs are not as effective as the branded ones.

Now, more and more people are gaining momentum in backing up the claim that the efficacy of generic drugs has the same effect as the branded ones because of the active ingredient that’s present in it. Now, the question that you should answer by now is if the generic drug is a perfect substitute for your health concern. Here are some important evidences Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. noted that you must look closely into:

  • The Quality of Generic Drugs

    Both the branded medicines and the generic counterparts have to undergo drug application procedure as stipulated by law. These drugs have to pass through the eye of the needle before being certified fit for human use by drug regulating government body. This means that pharmaceutical companies offering both generic and branded drugs have to prove how manufacturing is done, the chemical composition of the drugs, the controls used to ascertain its efficacy, and the testing processes which are conducted. Drugs have to be tested in animals and humans before it is released in the market.

  • Savings and Value for Money

    It’s good to purchase branded medicine if it is a single dose medication; but what if you are prescribed a drug by your physician that you need to take until your last breath? Surely, the prescription cost poses a challenge in your capacity to adhere religiously to the drug that’s prescribed to you. If you look closely, say at an anti-lipidemic drug, there’s surely a substantial discount you’ll get compared to the branded ones. The reality is that the generic option will cost only about a quarter than the price of branded medicine. The benefit of such happens in the long run; wherein your savings are accumulated each day while you are patronizing the generic medicine.

Switching to generic medicines doesn’t pose any problem to your health. You still are able to get the same therapeutic effect at a fraction of a cost. However, you need to consult your physician or pharmacist from a Drug Store in East Harlem New York, New York, with respect to the narrow therapeutic range that some generic drugs have as it might pose a problem to your condition. Also, do note that not all branded medicines have a generic equivalent; because for instance, the branded medicine that’s prescribed may still be new to the market and is currently protected by a patent. Thus, you still have to wait for the patent to elapse before you can see other pharmaceutical companies reproduce the medicine. Make the most out of your pharmaceutical experience by discussing all your medication concern with your pharmacist so you can be advised about the right generic option that you can opt for.

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