Recovering After Surgery

Recovering After Surgery

Each person’s body heals at different rates. After surgery, do what you need to do to recover. Here are some post-surgery recovery tips for you:

  • Eat

    Surgery may cause you to lose your appetite, but it is important that you eat. Stay away from fast food restaurants and all other junk foods and find nutritious, wholesome meals to eat. If you find it difficult to prepare your own meals, have a dependable family member or friend assist you. Protein, fruits, vegetables, and fermented dairy products will help you recover more quickly.

  • Drink

    Water is critical during your recovery process. Don’t forget to drink plenty of liquids to help the blood in your body flow to the area that needs healing. Drink water to prevent infections in your incision. Water will also prevent you from getting dehydrated. Dehydration could cause you to feel dizzy and weak. You don’t have to only drink water, though. You can get your liquids from popsicles, soups, cucumbers, and other delicious foods.

  • Rest

    It is important that you get up and active if it is possible. If you have the strength to get out of bed and do a little bit of exercise, do it. Some physical activity may help you recover, but you should also get a lot of rest. Moving around too much can cause you to open your incision, which will lead to more problems. Stay in bed and rest for 7-9 hours per night to heal properly. Don’t strain yourself or force yourself to do anything too strenuous and take naps whenever you feel tired.

  • Listen

    After surgery, your doctor will give you instructions on what you should do to recover. Listen to what your doctor has to say and follow his instructions. Don’t pick and choose what instructions you want to follow; follow his orders word for word. If your doctor tells you to take medications a certain way or to avoid carrying anything heavy, listen to him. Go to all of your follow-up appointments so your doctor will have the opportunity to make sure you are recovering healthily. Don’t neglect to see your doctor even if everything seems to be going well.

  • Pain

    Don’t let your pain get out of control. If you start to feel unbearable pain, take pain medications. Taking medications for your pain isn’t a sign of weakness; it is a sign of trying to recover. If your pain seems to be abnormal and your symptoms are worrying you, call your doctor or go to the ER.

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