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Underdosing on a Medication: Should We Be Worried?

Many are cautious of being overdosed but what about underdosing on a medication? In this blog, Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. will be unfolding the facts about medication underdose. Should we be wary of it? Does it pose any life-threatening result like … Continue reading

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Warning: You Should Never Self-Medicate

Going directly to your trusted Drug Store in East New York, New York and buying over-the-counter drugs may seem cheaper than going to the doctor to get a prescription. But in the end, your health pays the price. Self-medication does … Continue reading

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Misconceptions About Generic Drugs, Debunked

Generic drugs are cheaper than brand-name drugs- this is already a fact. Despite this difference in price, people are still hesitant in choosing generic over pricey drugs because of some misconceptions. The following are the biggest misconceptions about generic drugs … Continue reading

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Recovering After Surgery

Each person’s body heals at different rates. After surgery, do what you need to do to recover. Here are some post-surgery recovery tips for you: Eat Surgery may cause you to lose your appetite, but it is important that you … Continue reading

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Take Your Vitamins

Today’s world is full of unhealthy foods. More often than not, we find ourselves loading up on empty calories, fast food, and other foods that offer little to no benefits. It may seem impossible, but if you change your diet, … Continue reading

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