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There has never been a more convenient way of getting basic goods and desirable knick-knacks than getting them online. Shopping online gets you a ton of choices for food, clothes, accessories, and even medicine. The downside of this convenience is, you guessed it right: quality. Of course, safety and guarantee also come with the flaw of online shopping and that is why this shopping dynamic has its own pros and cons.

For the right kind of medication, there are a lot of credible sources online that will help you understand your health condition, and before buying online, we recommend that you consult with our pharmacists about what you are experiencing so you can have better insights to alleviate you from these discomforts.

Know Your Medication Better

With over 50 solid years of pharmaceutical experience, our pharmacy in East Harlem New York welcomes all individuals and does not discriminate anyone for their conditions. Our pharmacists are always ready and available to give all our clients any medication consultation so they can get their hands on any medication that will best suit their condition. With sound medical evaluation, our pharmacists will also recommend that you see your doctor so you can have further tests were done and access to treatment that will help relieve your discomfort. Buying medication online and doing self-medication may lead to possible health problems.

Get Medical Guidance On Product Use And Application

For some medication, sub-categories are offered to consumers so they can have product options for their needs. Take pain relievers for example, you have oral pain relievers and you also have topical pain relievers, when you let us understand the type of pain you are feeling in your arms after a long workout at the gym, we can give you better recommendations for your pain sensations because we will also consider a medicine’s contraindication for your better health and welfare.

Advise For Insurance Coverage

Consult with us at our drug store in East Harlem New York so we can create a personalized treatment plan for you, as well as your payment options. We accept major insurance plans and credit cards for added convenience on your treatment plan.

Talk with us, so you can get the right medication needed to make you feel better, faster.

With over 50 years of trusted pharmaceutical service, let Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. be your guide to better medication.

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