The Importance of Following the Instructions in Taking Medication


If you are feeling sick you would often go the doctor to see what’s wrong. Once he gives you a check up and sees you might be sick he will prescribe you certain medication to help you get better. Doctors prescribe medications to help you get better and they will give you the instructions on how and when to take it. Like all instructions they meant to be followed and when it comes to medication strict adherence is always demanded. Here at Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. we are a drug store in East Harlem New York, New York that wants to help our customers improve and maintain their health. As many services we can offer to help we need our customers to cooperate as well. It is your health that is at risk so you must also take an active part in taking care of it.

How Effective It Is
Medication is designed to help your body fight off an illness and they may come in different dosage strength to be more effective. When a doctor is prescribing you medicine they will consider many factors before giving it to you, they take into account your medical background including other medication that you may be taking. All of this is considered so they can prescribe you the right kind of medication that will be effective. Your doctor will also give you instructions when to take it to make sure that you will not take too much or too less. The effects of the medication may not be as effective if you fail to follow your physician’s instructions.

Preventing Side Effects
While medication is designed to assist your body to overcome an illness it may also cause some side effects. Some ingredients in the medication may even cause an allergic reaction to some patients which is why you should inform your physician about your medical history so they will know which kind of medicine will be best for you. You should also follow your physician’s instructions on taking your medication to prevent any side effects. These side effects may range from headaches, stomach pains to others that may be more serious.

Ask Your Pharmacist
If you have questions about your medication, aside from your physician you may ask your pharmacist. They are more than capable to answer any of your questions, having studied it for years. Here in Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. we are a drug store in East Harlem New York, New York that want to provide quality service to our customers which is why we offer pharmacist consultations to help them with a any concerns about the medication.

Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. does its best to help its customers get the assistance they need in managing their healthcare. We are a drug store in East Harlem New York, New York that offers different services to help the community maintain their health. We take pride in giving back to the community.

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