Things to Know Before Taking OTC Medicines

Things to Know Before Taking OTC Medicines

We have been used to immediately run to stores and buy over-the-counter drugs for mild pains and health conditions like cough, colds, fever, headaches, and muscle pain. Since these medications are easily accessible and available, we prefer using them than visiting a doctor for a check-up whenever we feel sick and ask for a prescription drug.

Nonetheless, if these non-prescription drugs are not taken in the proper dose and form, we might face adverse side effects. Hence, we should take extra caution in buying and taking over-the-counter drugs to keep us from dangerous risks. Among the information we should know before taking these OTC medicines, which every Drug Store in East New York, New York ought to inform you about, include:

  • First, they are not risk-free. Every drug, whether it is a prescription or non-prescription drug, can be harmful when misused or abused. The effects would also depend on the type of medicine we are using and our medical history.
  • Second, OTC medicines may possibly interact with other medications we are taking. Whenever we buy an OTC drug in a pharmacy, we should inform the pharmacist on duty whatever medicines we are currently using. This should be practiced to help the pharmacists decipher if we could be allowed to take them and to prevent adverse reactions which might possibly occur with incompatible chemicals. If we forget to ask the pharmacist, we could ask our doctor who prescribed our on-going medication.
  • Third, our diet might also interact with the OTC drugs. Beware; we should never take alcohol whenever we are undergoing medication. Even if we are just taking OTC medicines, we should still be very careful and not drink liquor. We should likewise ask the pharmacist whom we are buying OTC drugs from, which foods we should not eat while on these medicines to prevent unintended side effects.
  • Fourth, OTC drugs might have side effects. Generally, OTC medicines are safer compared to prescription drugs. Despite this, these medicines may also have side effects like drowsiness or light-headedness. So this should also be another question we should ask the pharmacist- what are the side effects we should expect when we take the drug we ought to buy. If the pharmacist gives us warning, we should strictly follow them.
  • Fifth, OTC drugs affect people of varied ages differently. Doctors and pharmacists give a sterner warning to the elderly who are about to take OTC drugs. Since the body of older people has a harder time absorbing food and drugs than younger ones, the former are at greater risks to adverse reactions.

Using OTC drugs from Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. to treat minor health conditions is not harmful per se. It only becomes harmful when we fail to take the necessary precautions in consuming them. Remember, it is not the OTC drugs which are dangerous, it is our careless practices which could possibly put us in harm.


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