TIPS: How Not To Miss Your Next Medication

TIPS: How Not To Miss Your Next Medication

You may accuse us of being too simplistic or banal.

Tips on how not to miss the next medication, are you kidding me? Can’t you think of any better things to do or write about?

Yes, we agree, taking medicine is a no-brainer, as easy as ABC, can do it with both eyes closed, etc.

But sometimes it can be tricky, too. And those who have maintenance medication can attest to this claim.
Consider the following:

Difficulty adhering to routine or schedule

No matter how sharp our minds are, there are occasions when our memory fails us, especially when it comes to such “insignificant” tasks as taking medicines. Also, we tend to think there are other more pressing issues to attend to than being bothered with the mundane worries.

How much more for those who are not feeling well and the elderly? Memory does not serve them as effectively as those who are healthy, fit and youthful.

We cannot better underscore the gravity of the consequence of missing one’s medication. Sometimes, the result can be fatal. We don’t like to sound horrifying here, but it is what it is.

Difficulty going to the drugstore

Even as we approach the age of self-driving cars, there are still some people who can’t go to a nearby store to buy their needs. Either a public transport is not available in their place, or they have cars but they can’t drive or they have no cars at all.

Again, at a loss here are the elderly and the sick.

Dislike for the taste, packaging or preparation of the medicine

This constitutes another reason to hold off taking prescribed medicines. Children are not the only ones guilty of this misdeed, but adults, too.

We have witnessed elderly patients pretending to be swallowing a pill given by the attending nurse, only to remove it from their mouth, hide it under a pillow and throw it away when the nurse is gone. We also know of people who complain that a capsule they need to ingest is too big that they’re scared of getting choked to death.

Yet others could simply not stand the bitter taste of some formulations, more prominently antibiotics.

Misinformation or misunderstanding

Another leading reason why some people avoid taking medications is lack of understanding as to their medication plan and the effect certain medicine does to their body.

Why would an individual follow prescription if he did not receive adequate explanation as to the usefulness of the process?

Solutions from the expert

Refer your problems to an expert and you get expert solutions in return. At Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc., we offer solutions to those concerns.

If your memory is beginning to fail you, it’s time to enlist the assistance of someone or something. A caring neighbour or housemaid can remind you it’s time to take your meds. If not, why not utilize alarm clocks or watches as well as gadgets like smartphones, tablets or laptops for the same purpose? They may be simplistic but they prove to be effective lifesavers in many instances.

For those of you who cannot personally go to the drugstore in East Harlem New York, New York, we offer delivery of your orders at no extra cost to you. We even conduct special deliveries outside of our area to as far as outer regions of Staten Island.

Those who complain about taste, packaging or preparation of their prescribed medications, complain no more. Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. sees to it that the products you buy from us are to your liking.

Best of all, we maintain a roster of personnel who are more than willing to listen to you, go over your medication plan, put forward suggestions on how to optimize the effects of your medication, and explain to you the pharmacology behind your prescription. They are all knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in their chosen field, so you can never go wrong with the drugstore in East Harlem New York, New York.

Choose the drugstore in East Harlem New York, New York and you’ll never again experience the difficulty in taking your next medication.

Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. is conveniently located at 234 East 106th Street, New York, New York 10029. You can call us at 212-534-7700, fax us at 212-534-8353, or drop us an email at We are open from Monday-Friday at 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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