Underdosing on a Medication: Should We Be Worried?

Underdosing on a Medication: Should We Be Worried?

Many are cautious of being overdosed but what about underdosing on a medication?

In this blog, Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. will be unfolding the facts about medication underdose. Should we be wary of it? Does it pose any life-threatening result like overdose does? Let us find out as we read some facts doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals observed when a patient is underdosed.

Fact #1: Underdosage is as dangerous as overdosage.

Just because the symptoms of underdosage are not noticeable, it does not mean it cannot pose a threat to the patient.

Fact #2: An underdosed medication is a failed treatment.

Patients go to their doctors and trust them with their well-being. The doctor is responsible for drafting a treatment plan for the patient to get rid of his or her discomforts. If ever the prescription given to the patient is not enough, it could sacrifice the whole treatment. This wastes the patient’s time, money, and effort.

Fact #3: An underdose of antibiotics can lead to drug resistance.

Antibiotics kill harmful bacteria that enter our system. If we underdose on our antibiotics, the bacteria it is supposed to kill will develop resistance to the drug.

In order to address the problem, the physician may prescribe you an antibiotic with a stronger dosage. Antibiotics with stronger dosage are usually more expensive than those with weaker dosages.

Some of the most common types of medicines that can go underdosed are the following:

  • Blood thinners

    Blood thinners are useful when a patient suffers from a certain heart or blood vessel disease, abnormal heart rhythm, blood clots after surgery, and heart enlargement. It makes the blood thinner so that it can pass through one’s blood vessels without getting clogged.

  • Antibiotics

    As we mentioned earlier, antibiotics kill or ward off harmful bacteria. This is usually prescribed to patients so these microbes will not infect the person’s body when the body itself is not strong enough to fight the infection off.

  • Cardiac medications

    Cardiac medications are drugs prescribed to treat heart problems. It decreases one’s heart rate and cardiac output. It also lowers blood pressure so the heart will beat with less force.

  • Cancer medications

    Cancer medications refer to a single drug or a group of drugs that are used to treat cancer. It can either go into the patient’s bloodstream then attack the cancer cells, or it can also be targeted directly on the cancer site.

  • Steroids

    Steroids are drugs prescribed by doctors to provide relief for swelling and inflammation. It can also be used to treat conditions like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, gout or Sjogren’s syndrome.

There are pharmacies that risk their patients of medication underdose. For that reason, you have to wisely choose which Drug Store in East New York, New York you trust your treatment plan with.


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