Vitamins: Is There a Remedy for Stress?

Vitamins: Is There a Remedy for Stress?

We live a busy life. We go to work most of the time. Our day would consist of rushing to go to the office. Rushing to finish that one job our boss is asking us to do. We are in distress with everything that we have to juggle on a daily basis. Oftentimes, our hectic schedule would lead to stress.

Our bodies react differently when it comes to stress. Some people often get cough and colds as the body’s reaction to exhaustion. Other people also get moody once they get stressed. Indeed, stress has a great impact on both our emotional and physical well-being. Hence, the reason why we promote our vitamins and supplements at Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc., a Drugstore in East Harlem New York, New York, to relieve the tension we have in our body.

Although we have different reactions to stress, it might still be helpful to calm your nerves and give your body a boost with these ingredients in your vitamins:

1. Vitamin B- Complex
Usually, Vitamin B-complex is a combination of all the B-vitamins available in the market. This includes the following: riboflavin, thiamin, biotin, folic acid, and other water-soluble vitamins. Basically, what B-complex vitamins do to our body is help boost up our metabolism.

Although these vitamins are found in the food we eat, it would still be helpful if we have these in our supplements as well. If we have a regular amount of vitamin b-complex in our body, it can help improve our mood. If our body is functioning well and our metabolic activity is regular, it can really boost our mental health.

2. Vitamins rich in melatonin
This vitamin has something to do with our sleeping patterns. When we are stressed out, we may not be able to rest well. Some people would work overtime just to get things done. Some would prefer to stay up all night just to finish the project as well. If we sacrifice our sleep for the things that we have to do, stress can greatly increase in just a matter of a few days.

Lack of sleep can also affect our mood. Thus, it is important that we get enough rest to reduce anxiety, depression, and irritability. Taking supplements rich in melatonin might be a good way to tone down the stress and give our body the kind of rest they need.

These are just two of the recommended vitamins that we can give you when it comes to stress. But then again, the best remedy for stress is not highly dependent on vitamins and other supplements alone. It is a combination of a healthy lifestyle and an extra boost of these vitamins. We have to be conscious of our diet too. It can give us better moods and better lives.

For more information about vitamins for reducing stress, you can ask our experts at Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. You can order your medicines with us! Just contact us at 212-534-7700 or visit our website at for more details!

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