Warning: You Should Never Self-Medicate

Warning: You Should Never Self-Medicate

Going directly to your trusted Drug Store in East New York, New York and buying over-the-counter drugs may seem cheaper than going to the doctor to get a prescription. But in the end, your health pays the price.

Self-medication does not only refer to alcohol or substance abuse. It also means to take the leftover drugs from a previous illness or to mask one’s symptoms by taking multiple over-the-counter medicines.

Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. is fully aware of the effects of self-medication. Most patients who are guilty of such are at risk of:

  • Underdosage

    Medicines have their own shelf life. This is to make sure that the drugs are safe to consume and effective against the discomforts the patient experiences. Medications that are long past their expiration date are unsafe to use.

    When you are taking medicines that have expired, the dosage you get maybe less. Aside from saving money, you’d be spending more because the drug did not work. You can also suffer from the danger these medicines give after it changes and undergoes chemical reaction over time.

  • Underdiagnosis

    If you play doctor, you could get some underlying conditions undiagnosed. Just because you know what to take when you have a fever does not mean the fever can be relieved through the same process.

    A fever is just a symptom of another condition. If you only got rid of the fever, you did not treat the condition you are suffering in the first place.

    There are other cases where patients with diabetes simply treat themselves without asking their physicians. What then is the result? They developed serious complications that should have been avoided had they consulted their healthcare provider.

  • Misusage

    It is easy to misuse a tool especially when you do not know how to use it. Let us take antibiotics as an example. Antibiotics fight off harmful bacteria. If you misuse this drug, you give the bacteria in your body a chance to be resistant to the medicine.

    Once a bacterium is resistant to a specific antibiotic dosage, it will require a stronger dosage so that it will be eradicated from your system. This means you get to spend more on stronger antibiotics, something you could have prevented if you only consulted your physician.

  • Mixed Medications

    When you take medications simultaneously, you risk yourself with drinking medicines that should not go together. An example is taking blood thinning meds together with aspirin. This combination puts the patient at risk for internal bleeding. (

  • Inaccurate dosage

    Taking medications without a prescription is dangerous. When you do your own estimates, you expose yourself to overdose. And if your dosage is too small, you can get sicker.

Knowing the risks of self-medication, you need to consult the experts on what drug you need to take. Do not take your safety for granted. Ask the experts at Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc.


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