What Doctors Do Not Tell You About Vitamin C

What Doctors Do Not Tell You About Vitamin C

We know vitamin C because they are said to be found in orange juice or fruit and lemon, and keep you away from sickness. They said we need to have our daily dose of vitamin C to keep our body healthy. But are these the only things we know about vitamin C? Today, on the blog, we will discuss more some of the important benefits of vitamin C in our body.

Vitamin C is said to be the most studied nutrient there is because of its promising health benefits. It is also considered to be one of the most flexible nutrients because once it is combined with other types of vitamins, it can produce interactions that are essential to the mineral in the body.

With that in mind, what are the other wonders of vitamin C? Here are some notable benefits that your doctor may not have told you:

It boosts your Immune System

Having a healthy immune system is vital in keeping our body healthy. Our immune system is responsible for fighting off any viruses that have invaded our body and releasing it perhaps in form of colds, cough, or fever. But if we regularly take vitamin C supplements daily and eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals, it can really help boost our immune system.

When our body is constantly low in vitamins, we are at risk to different diseases like coronary heart disease or cancer. Because there are no sufficient vitamins in the body that can ward off viruses, it will be very easy for them to enter our body and damage healthy cell until this virus will spread. We do not wait for this to happen. As early as today, we should eat healthy foods and take vitamins regularly.

It is a good antioxidant
You must have heard about antioxidants and how powerful they are in cleaning toxins in our body. Well, one of the most efficient antioxidant there is vitamin C. If you have been taking vitamin C supplements daily, you might have noticed how your body is more efficient when it comes to doing physical tasks and you can regularly dispose of your body waste. This is because of the vitamin C working on the oxidative stress and free radicals that usually impedes body activity.

It helps maintain collagen in the body
Vitamin C is an essential nutrient to maintain the collagen in the body. If we have a good level of collagen in the body, it can easily repair damaged tissues, tendons, and it can also contribute to one’s growth as it is directly connected to the bones.

What more can you ask for when you have everything you need in Vitamin C? Just make sure that you are not only dependent on the supplement, but you also observe good diet and proper exercise. You will see optimum results if you do both.

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