Why Are Generic Drugs so Affordable?


When you are looking to fill a prescription or get over-the-counter medications, you will be given two options. You can go with an expensive brand name drug or a much more affordable generic alternative. For some, they will go with the brand-name medicine because you get what you pay for right? However, when it comes down to medications, price does not reflect the quality.

Here are a few reasons why generic drugs are a viable alternative and why they are friendlier to your wallet:

  • Same Quality
    Generic medications are actually the same quality as their brand-name cousins. This is due to our laws. Even though brand name medications are more costly, they are no different from their cheaper alternatives. All medications go through the same testing, regulations, and standards. This means they all need to provide a certain level of safety and effectiveness. So the next time you are at your local pharmacy in East Harlem, New York, do not hesitate to get the generic alternative.
  • Why Are They Affordable
    Generic medications are affordable because they do not have to make back expensive development costs. Brand name medications go through a very expensive research and development phase. They need to charge more in order for pharmaceutical companies to make back their investment. Generic medications simply copy existing formulas, although with alternative ingredients. This means they do not need to charge more as can provide cheaper prices.
  • Maintaining Your Health
    The next time you are at a retail pharmacy in East Harlem, New York see if you can get generic medications rather than brand name options. This will allow you to maintain your health without having to spend a fortune in the process. There are also many different kinds of generic options you can go with as well. So there are a large variety of options you can go with to help you stay healthy.

Those are just a few of the basics on generic medications and why they are much more affordable compared to brand name drugs. If you would like to find out more or if you are interested in our drug store in East Harlem, New York please feel free to get in touch with Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. for more information.

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