Your Medical Supplies In One Convenient Stop

For a family member fresh out of the hospital, help them recover from their skateboarding accident by making them comfortable at home. Replenish your medical supplies at our pharmacy in East Harlem New York where we stock up on the choicest and most trusted brands of medicine and pharmaceutical products for all our patrons to have easy access to.

Drop by our drug store in East Harlem New York for a one-stop convenient shop where you can get prescription medication and high quality medical supplies to help make recovery times fast and easy.

Mobility Aids

For seniors, individuals with physical disabilities or injury-related mobility needs, we have the following products:

  • Wheelchairs
    Available for both pediatric and geriatric use
    We can also assist our clients to have their wheelchairs fitted for their use.
  • Walkers
    Four-legged Walkers (Quad Sticks)
    Its four-legged base provides more balance for the user but at the same time, requires more upper body strength since it needs to be lifted along with every step.
  • Canes
    Provides a wide range of support and balance since it can be easily used in one hand. Canes also come in different designs and material to fit the lifestyle and need of the user. Canes are available in carbon fiber, wood, or metallic framings.
  • Crutches
    These types of walkers are ideally used in pairs to equally distribute the use of upper body strength. Not recommended for elderly use since there is significant pressure on one leg wherein all the user’s weight is shifted on that one leg.

Health Kits

We also have different health kits at our retail pharmacy in East Harlem New York to aid individuals in self-health monitoring like:

  • Oxygen Tanks (portable)
  • Glucose Test Kits (and glucose strips)
  • Compressor and Nebulizer Kits (and supplies)
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring Kit
  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Wound Care And Treatment

For bedsores or for injury-related wounds, we have a variety of wound antiseptics, bandages, gauzes, and other medicated wound dressings that you can get at our pharmacy. You can also consult with our pharmacist so you can be advised on proper wound care and treatment.

Our product line-up and availability makes it convenient for our clients to have a quick one-stop-shop for any of their medical and drugstore needs.

Make it a healthy habit to restock your medical supplies at home. Visit Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. today.

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