Underdosing on a Medication: Should We Be Worried?

Many are cautious of being overdosed but what about underdosing on a medication? In this blog, Maxwell Pharmacy, Inc. will be unfolding the facts about medication underdose. Should we be wary of it? Does it pose any life-threatening result like … Continue reading

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Warning: You Should Never Self-Medicate

Going directly to your trusted Drug Store in East New York, New York and buying over-the-counter drugs may seem cheaper than going to the doctor to get a prescription. But in the end, your health pays the price. Self-medication does … Continue reading

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Health Monitoring Systems at Home You Must Have

Nowadays, various health problems have arisen. We might feel healthy and well today; yet feel so sick and ill tomorrow. It is possible that we will be active at present but become seriously weak at an instant. For this reason, … Continue reading

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Misconceptions About Generic Drugs, Debunked

Generic drugs are cheaper than brand-name drugs- this is already a fact. Despite this difference in price, people are still hesitant in choosing generic over pricey drugs because of some misconceptions. The following are the biggest misconceptions about generic drugs … Continue reading

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How Can You Boost Your Energy?

Are you feeling like you have a lack of energy? There are many healthy and natural ways to improve the energy you have all throughout the day. Here are a few tips that can help you live a more energized … Continue reading

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